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Snapshots into the lives of my favorite couple, Olitz along with the daughter that stole Fitz's heart, Madison and the rest of their children. Epiphany: They say it's the little moments in life, the ones you can point at and have absolute clarity of what was missing. But when the voice of his angel rings through his ears, he couldn't help but zone out looking at her. After their summer both went on to live their separate lives.

One shots of their current family, moments with each child, some even before Olitz became one. Fitzgerald Grant knew all about epiphanies but the last thing he expected when he walked into Mike's Pub was to fall in love. To bad he was the professor and she was the student. If that doesn't, Fitz's crush Mellie, Olivia's occupation and the problems it presents them just might. Fitz is a single, successful songwriter & producer.

Olivia is a single mom & owner of a public relations/crisis management firm. Olivia and Fitz were once a married couple, young, happy and in love.

When Olivia's daughter auditions for a spot in a performing arts school, Fitz & Olivia's paths cross again. Party-boy playboy Fitzgerald Grant is sent by his family with threat of removal to live for the summer with the family of Governor Pope in South Carolina, where he meets Governor Pope's formidable daughter, Olivia. Both need saving, and it's only a matter of time before sparks fly. They had the perfect life, except the one thing the two of them wanted most, a child.

Fitz is a big time art Rep & owner of Grant Art inc. Olivia is a young and hopeful artist hoping to branch out her art beyond her friends shop. SEMI-WIP- EXPLANATION IN CHAPTER 2's A/N: In 1st The Godfather book and movie, there is an old Sicilian saying for love-lust at first sight for a woman: 'being hit with The Thunderbolt'.

What happens when Olivia meets with Fitz for a job at his company? Not only did she "fix" him, but brought something into their lives they both needed, each other. Fitz is a star baseball player for the Washington Nationals and Olivia's nephew just signed up for their little league team. This fic shows what happens when while abroad, the Thunderbolt strikes both Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant III; Rated for language, spice, and everything nice;1st in my 2014 SSS Project."They had tried to make a go of it and failed spectacularly, and that changed everything.

Fitzgerald Grant is the COO of an architectural firm and Olivia Ballard is his executive assistant.

Will it be the Governor's hard-nosed rules or Olivia that helps him finally grow up? "Life isn't about how many breaths you take…It's about the moments that take your breath away." *I updated this summary... After two years apart, what happens when one night of passion leads to the child they both longed for.

Will this bring them back together or force them farther apart?

How will Fitz deal with his obligation to his company, while dealing with new and growing Feelings for the newest staff member Fitz won the Presidency as a divorced, father of two. He had no idea that when met Olivia Pope, that she would be like a breath of fresh air to him. It made her question everything she had ever believed about them, every instinct she had ever had." Three years after an emotional breakup Olivia and Fitz reunite as friends, tucked away for 5 days in the Rocky Mountains.

Can they really work as friends or are they just kidding themselves?

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