Dating mtf transsexuals

Nothing in this material is meant to imply otherwise.

If you are a transsexual or transgendered person: You have value as a human being.

The conditions, and those people with them, only superficially resemble each other but are often confused and conflated with each other in the media, by the general public, and even by transfolk themselves.

That is to say, that there are two, and only two, separate “transgender spectrums”.

Indeed, there are fora that will instantly ban any who discuss this science in any truthful way.

This FAQ and associated blog is an attempt to correct this situation.

Worse, many cherry-pick among the scientific papers, choosing those that, in isolation, appear to support a given thesis.

Short answer: Two types/causes (taxons/etiologies) for each natal sex, extreme lifelong gender atypicality vs. Full answer: There are two basic biological taxons (types) with their own unique etiologies (causes / conditions) that are found in transsexuals / transgendered people. That is to say, one and only one of these two conditions can be found in any one person, there is no overlap or blending between them.

They have unstudied mannerisms and social behavior that more closely hews to those found in the other sex.

They find their sexed body deeply repugnant and embarrassing from an early age, but increasingly so at puberty.

You may wish to review the Glossary if a word is unfamiliar.

Remember as you read this site; Transsexuals and transgendered people are good people, worthy of our respect, and even of our admiration.

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